Monday, March 30, 2015

Jenna Talackova, and the importance of transitioning when young

I greatly admire Jenna Talackova, the beautiful, sexy, and courageous M2F transgender model, beauty contestant, reality television star, and actress. 

I sometimes wish I would have had the foresight and knowledge to transition and become physically female when I was young – when the results can be so lovely and perfectly feminine.  In my opinion, late-life gender transitions are generally undesirable, because decades of male hormones cause too much damage to successfully overcome.  Plus, if you truly are transsexual, you would naturally want to transition as early as possible in your life. The fact that I’m middle aged and I’ve never transitioned is evidence that I’m a transvestite, not a transsexual. But I suppose people could debate such matters endlessly...

Everyone has different circumstances in their lives that may either limit or encourage the actions they take, as well as different standards of what they may find acceptable in their own appearance. But I know that I would not find gender transition results acceptable for myself at my current age. I could no longer be the young sexy woman I would want to be, no matter how much surgery I got or how many hormones I took! My only hope of becoming the beautiful woman I fantasize about being will have to wait until my next life. (I hope reincarnation is real!)

In any case, please enjoy and learn from pretty Jenna…

Jessica Sayyida is the author of My Transvestite Addictions—The Story of One Individual’s Odyssey Through Crossdressing, Alcohol, Escorts, Strippers, Sex, and Money
(ISBN: 978-1-62646-325-7), published under the name of Jack/Jacquelina A. Shelia, by

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